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Save time, money and space with Enki Towels. Our salon towels are actually more absorbent than traditional cotton towels so you only need one from wash to finish. It’s less work, minimal cost and aesthetically pleasing whilst saving the environment!

Enki Towels are single-use so there’s no need to do the washing to keep hygienic – saving you valuable time on washing and drying. Enki towels come in various formats for hands, body, and face. We also produce our towels in different styles to suit hairdressing, spas, and beauty salons. Check out Enki Towels today and save big on your washing and drying.

If you run a mobile hairdressing service, Enki Towels are compact, light and easy to store in hairdressing bags. The can also cut hair drying time down much quicker than traditional cotton towels.

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Enki Towels Disposable Hairdressing Single Use Towel

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Enki Luxury Embossed Single-Use Salon Towel – White 80x40cm

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Enki towels Black Embossed Luxury Disposable Hairdressing Beauty Towel

Enki Luxury Embossed Single-Use Salon Towel – Black 80x40cm

Have you ever wondered what luxury really feels like? Treat all your clients to our premium “Black Luxury Disposable Hair…

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Enki White Embossed Luxury Disposable Hair and Beauty Premium Towel

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We're proud to supply Enki Towels to a wide range of UK businesses, including:

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Hush Hair Salon

We are happy to work with such a high-quality product as Enki! they look great and work EXTREMELY efficiently. From our experience – Enki towels even work as a balsam for your hair, with its fantastic ability to absorb water but not moisture from your hair, these disposable towels make hair softer and shiny. Perfect in all ways: soft, money saving, hygienic, healthy for skin and hair, eco-friendly. Thank you, Enki towels, for your wonderful products!

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Sarah Hawkins Hairdressing (Ripley)

Deciding to use disposable towels was the best decision we made in the salon. I used to use roughly 100 towels a week . We used to store the wet towels in two trolleys and on a Sat have to walk to the laundrette two streets away. Then on Tuesday when I only have two girls in, one had to go down to fetch the towels. Not great fun walking with two trolleys. We did this for 19 years, my laundrette bill was £16 a week and then you have to replace towels when they have rotted which was around £1 a week. Thanks to Enki we never have to walk to the laundrette again. Just nipping to our bin is a lot easier and the cost is the same. I spend no more than £18 a week on Enki disposable towels.