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Our Enki disposable eco towels soak up to 7 times more water than conventional cotton towels, their ultra absorbency gives you peace of mind and is cost-effective as only one towel is needed for one client! They are bio-degradable meaning you are doing your bit for the environment.

Made from eco-friendly plant fibres, these luxurious sustainable towel products are not only 100% hygienic but ultra-soft and come in a distinctive embossed design for that added opulent feel. Every customer has their own personal disposable rich towel which is fresh and never been used before, ensuring cross-contamination is completely eradicated. Helping you become a sustainable salon and save you money.

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5 Reasons you should convert to Enki Towels

For decades, salons around the world have chosen cotton towels for use during and after treatments. However, according to Eco Hair and Beauty – a highly regarded research and learning institution established to identify and promote sustainable practices in the hairdressing sector – there is a better way.

As more and more business owners acknowledge the need to ‘go green’, the single-use towel is becoming increasingly popular amongst savvy salons. At events and workshops held by Eco Hair and Beauty, it has become clear that colleges who provide professionals of the future have already made the change, which is naturally playing a part in making sustainable towels increasingly popular on the high street.