Enki towels Black Embossed Luxury Disposable Hairdressing Beauty Towel

We're one of the UK's leading salon towel brands.

Enki Towels is one of the leading brands for salon single-use towels. Our high-quality, hygienic and eco-friendly products make businesses lives easier by providing a sustainable solution that is cost-effective.

Enki Towels Disposable Towel for Hairdressers
Enki Towels Disposable Hairdressing Single Use Towel
Enki Towels Single Use Biodegradable Hair Towel

Treat every client to a brand new towel.

Not only is our mission to minimise our impact on the environment to maintain a healthier, and cleaner Earth - we understand the importance of giving your customers the ultimate experience. Our single-use, biodegradable, luxury salon hair towels are the perfect solution.

Best price in the UK for single use Enki Towels

At Enki, we have the best price for our salon hair, face, hands, body and couch covers. Our single-use, disposable towels are made of natural plant fibres, making them good for the environment and naturally good.

Actively help the environment

Our hygienic Enki Towels are 100% biodegradable. Our towels help the environment and are completely sustainable. They bio-degrade within 8  - 12 weeks and are even compostable.

Save Money whilst not compromising on quality

Through our own experience and market research, we have established that a business converting from conventional 100% cotton towels to Enki disposable towels can save up to £3000 per year!

Enki White Embossed Luxury Disposable Hair and Beauty Premium Towel

100% Hygienic

Customers benefit from their own personal 100% hygienic towel on every visit.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Your business will benefit from huge savings plus you will be reducing your carbon footprint by converting to disposable towels.

Go Laundry Free

With constant and demanding use plus daily washing, cotton towels fade, shrink, lose their lustre and eventually become threadbare. Save money on detergent, electricity by becoming an Enki convert today.

Our story and mission

Here at Enki, our towels are ethically produced using natural plant fibres.

When we devised Enki, we set out to make a market-leading salon towel that would enhance the overall salon experience for customers, whilst providing a cost-saving and more hygienic solution for the salon owner vs. the overheads and drawbacks of traditional cotton towels.

We're dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and are continually seeking to improve and expand our product range. If you've ever tried cheap disposable towels from a cash and carry, don't worry, you'll find Enki Towels are in a league of their own!

Achieving a disposable product that still retains a luxury feel was incredibly important to us. We're proud to say that Enki towels are incredibly comfortable and extremely soft for the end-user, which is why not only salon owners but our salon owners' clients rave about us!

Due to the support from our loyal customer base we've even launched the Enki VIP club; allowing you to receive a box of our bestselling salon towels, direct to your door each month and at an even better price.

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