What Would You Save

Save Up To & Over "£3000" Per Year Converting To Disposable Towels.


Time - Money - Effort.


Water - Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer/Detergents.

Labour Costs.

Space Saving.

Free Up Your Assistant's Time.

Massive Savings Converting To Disposable Towels From Standard Cotton Towels.

Did you know that it costs on average £0.40p every time you wash a standard cotton towel.

Enki disposable towels will cost you as little as £0.10p per towel this is a massive saving of 300%.


Why ‘Go Green’ with Enki Towels?

For decades, salons around the world have chosen cotton towels for use during and after treatments. However, according to Eco Hair and Beauty – a highly regarded research and learning institution established to identify and promote sustainable practices in the hairdressing sector – there is a better way. As more and more business owners acknowledge the need to ‘go green’, the single-use towel is becoming increasingly popular amongst savvy salons. At events and workshops held by Eco Hair and Beauty, it has become clear that colleges who provide professionals of the future have already made the change, which is naturally play a part in making disposable towels increasingly popular on the high street. 5 reasons to make the switch ‘from cotton to convenience’...

1. ‘Eco towels’ of course, do not require a washing machine or dryer. No electrical appliance for laundry means no associated water or energy costs.

2. The towels are only used on one client, and so the risk of cross-contamination between appointments is eliminated.

3. Disposable towels such as those available at Enki are delivered freshly folded and ready for use. This saves staff time, and also maintains a positive image for the salon - with no frayed or faded cotton towels in sight.

4. Single use towels are around 7 x more absorbent than regular towels - research suggests that this could reduce blow-drying time by up to 40%, significantly improving the salon experience and creating more time for extra treatments.

5. As waste, used disposable towels can biodegrade in as little as 12 weeks.


Why choose Enki Towels?

Enki’s luxurious, highly absorbent single-use towels come in soak up to 7 x more water than standard alternatives, and completely eliminate the risks of bacteria transfer. And through savings on water, detergent and staff time, you could save around £3,000 every year. Plus, with customizable design available, you can enhance the experience of everyone who walks through you door, increasing repeat business and attracting new customers through those all important word-of-mouth recommendations.


"Become An Enki Convert And Start Saving Today"