We use White Embossed Luxury Disposable Towels in our training salons. We receive great customer service from Enki. A brilliant product, super absorbency, environmentally friendly, and a great price. Thank you.

Erica Smith - Sheffield City College Hair & Beauty Department.




At The Avenue in sheffield we have been using salon disposable towels for 3 years and have used many different suppliers. Enki disposable towels are the best quality we have ever used. They soak up water very efficiently which keep our clients dry and are 100% hygienic. Using disposable towels is a no brainer in a busy salon like ours. The dynamics of our business have changed dramatically by converting to disposable towels as we no longer need to do in house laundry, we will never look back as we save thousands of pounds every year. Enki deliver next day and no matter what we order delivery is always free. Customer service is excellent. All round a very happy customer.



Cheveux Hair Design

Cheveux Hair Design has been using Enki Towels since March 2015 & the clients love them. Enki Towels are super absorbent & strong, we do not have to worry about wasting valuable time doing laundry. In the space of a few months our electric and water bills have dramatically dropped. I wish I found out about Enki sooner 5 stars from us.




A cut above the rest. We have now been using Enki disposable towels along side cotton towels and we are finding they are working very well for me and the team. We have reduced laundry bills and we are saving on water/electricity which is a huge bonus for us. Our clients have now got used to the towels and feedback from them has been great especially the hygiene aspect. All in all very happy and will keep buying this product. 5 Stars from me and the team.




As a salon we listen to our clients and our staff. The opinion on Enki Towels has been unanimous. Our salon could not manage without them. Super absorbent, time-savers, non-irritant, smart and clean looking. We have been so impressed.



Charlotte Churchill

We at The Charlotte Churchill Hair Studio in Salisbury love to use disposable towels ' to give each client clean 'Fresh towel's We have tried many brands but have now found the brand we wish to go with at the studio ' Enki towels come Efficiently ' and are beautifully packaged ' and folded ... And are a pleasure to use .. Thankyou Enki Towels.



We are happy to work with such a high quality product as enki! they look great and work EXTREMELY sufficient. From our experience - enki towels even work as a balsam for your hair, with its fantastic ability to absorb water but not moisture from your hair these disposable towels make hair softer and shiny. Perfect in all ways: soft, money saving, hygienic, healthy for skin and hair, eco-friendly. thank you, enki towels, for your wonderful products!



Hush Hair Salon

My review.
Best thing I have purchased this year, Enki towels are fantastic super absorbent soft to touch, less mess around the salon, no washing & drying save lots of time and money, clients love them as much as MYSELF and staff, ask for a free trial you won't regret it. Debbie Cooper - Hush Hair Salon, Fraserburgh, UK.



We have been using Enki Towels for the best part of a year.. I was so happy to have discovered the company! The Black Embossed Luxury Disposable Hair & Beauty Towels are great quality and work really well alongside our cotton towels in our busy periods at the salon. The towels look smart and are of great quality, unlike other disposable towels I have ordered from previous companies. The service from Enki is outstanding, they have such a professional and efficient manner, they are always there to help and get things dealt with super quick! 5* service and quality all round! 



Stephen Bywater Hair 

If you don't already use disposable towels then you should! If you do,and you don't use Enki then you should, I have tried and tested all the towels on the market and have been using disposable towels for over 6 years, Enki for the past few months. Great product good service lovely staff and all at a fair price. The towels are supper absorbent and hygienic. no mess, no laundry, no tumble dryers spinning round with hot over dried towels in them wasting money.



Great customer service and fast delivery. Brilliant company to deal with and towels are amazing, both clients and staff love using enki towels.



Sarah Hawkins Hairdressing (Ripley)

Deciding to use disposable towels was the best decision we made in the salon. I used to use roughly 100 towels a week and we used to store the wet towels in two trolleys and on a sat have to walk to the laundrette two streets away. Then on tuesday when i only have two girls in one had to go down to fetch the towels, not great fun walking with two trolleys. We did this for 19 years, my laundrette bill was £16 a week and then you have to replace towels when they've have rotted which was around £1 a week. Thanks to enki we never have to walk to the laundrette again. Just nipping to our bin is alot easier and the cost is the same i spend no more than £18 a week on enki disposable towels. 


Stylistics Ltd

We have been providing hair dressing services for over 30 years and during this time i have repeatedly looked for an alternative to in house laundering. Usually this review took place every four years as this coincided with the failure of either the washing machine or tumble dryer. In the past there has never been a viable alternative so you can imagine my delight when i found three possible suppliers of disposable hairdressing towels on the web. The first supplier was affordable but although they did satisfy the need they were just a single ply sheet which lacked aesthetic appearance and in my opinion did not portay the high standards that we look for in the provision of our services. The second supplier was just not affordable and was disregarded from the outset. Then i came across (Enki) and was immediatly impressed with their marketing material, product range and enthusiasm towards customer support. Enki clearly believe in their product and were confident enough to offer a free sample pack. I took advantage of their offer to have a good look at the product and test it before making any decision to purchase. Our stylists were delighted with the results of the tests but of course i feel they may be a little biased because using Enki Towels would mean no more time spent washing, drying and folding towels.  After this apparent successful trial it all comes down to costing and being a business man, if i can make savings and increase efficiency then its a win/win situation. The advantages of using disposable towels in terms of efficiency are immense and with better use of our time we shall be able to carry out more services and therefore the use of Enki disposable towels will be self-financing, everybody wins. I am overjoyed at realising an objective of reducing unnecessary waste in the salon, especially time. We are delighted to move forwards with (Enki) for the long term to help the environment and of course help our efficiency and increase profitability!