COMMENT “I’m sure I don't spend that much on servicing my towels”

REPLY "We have done considerable research on towel washing and we believe that the calculations are quite accurate. In order to clean a towel thoroughly, it should be washed at least 60°C with the whole process taking two hours or more. It is generally accepted that only commercial washing machines have the capability to clean towels properly and the cost of running a commercial washing is very high compared to converting over to Enki eco towels. 



COMMENT “The junior does the towels and would otherwise have nothing to do - so there are no wage implications”

REPLY "With such a regular task as servicing the towel stock, if you really analyse the time taken, it can become significant. The larger the salon is, the more real time is taken to wash towels. Enki eco towels will save you money and free up time for junior members - allowing them to practice techniques and build their skill-set"



COMMENT “We tried them before”

REPLY "Disposable towels have come a long way in recent times. The original towels were much thinner and far less absorbent. Enki eco towels have a thicker (56gsm) luxury feel to them and can dry hair up to 40% faster than using a conventional towel"



COMMENT “We don’t use cheap products”

REPLY "It may take a little time to get used to using Enki eco towels. Being seven times more absorbent than conventional materials, they do not need to have absolute thickness to be effective. Enki eco towels are very environmentally friendly and remember that the client gets a brand new, fresh and 100% hygienic towel on very visit"



COMMENT “I prefer the black ones but they are more expensive”

REPLY "The black towels have a much more involved production process. Whilst retaining their absorbency and eco-friendly credentials, it is vital that the client has a great experience and that the colour stays in the towel - no matter what it's used for. If using black towels is important, then you will still save money over washing and drying and be helping the environment"



COMMENT “I don’t want another recurring cost”

REPLY "Switching over to Enki eco towels will change the way you do business. Yes it's true that you see the actual cost of the towels on the invoice. However, the overall cost to the business is significantly less, it's just that the normal expense associated with servicing towels are hidden away in the electricity, staffing and water costs. Using Enki eco towels means that you can analyse your business costs more accurately. Using Enki eco towels will have positive effects right through your business"



COMMENT “I get my towels really cheap from the cash and carry”

REPLY "Most of the cost in using conventional towels is in the servicing rather than the cost of the towels themselves. Washing at 60° for two hours is costly and really takes it out of the towels. With Enki, your client gets a clean, fresh and hygienic towel every time. A conventional towel only has to be washed a few times before it starts to look less than brand new"



COMMENT “I haven't got room to store a load of your towels”

REPLY "A pack of 50 Enki eco towels takes up about as much room as 10 conventional towels. As a bonus, they are already folded and hygienically wrapped ready for instant use"



COMMENT “I often use two or three towels when washing a client's hair”

REPLY "That's fine. Under those circumstances, you're likely to use two or three Enki eco towels, so your savings are two to three times as much"



COMMENT “What about all of the waste - it can't be good for the environment?”

REPLY "Enki eco towels are made from 100% natural fibres, which are spun and are fully sustainable. An Enki towel can bio-degrade in around three months and you can even put them into compost or recycle bins"



COMMENT “My clients will think I'm using these just to save money”

REPLY "We have found that clients really like using these especially when they understand that these are great for the environment and are 100% clean and hygienic. As a bonus they are really gentle on the hair, as the high absorption means minimal rubbing is required"



COMMENT “My staff will think I'm using these just to save money”

REPLY "Staff members love the convenience of Enki eco towels and the fact that there's no laundry! The eco friendliness, and client experience are really positive aspects. Future deliveries of Enki eco towels will have a 'Did You Know?' panel on each pack, which will have a noteworthy fact, which will add to the staff member's knowledge about Enki"



COMMENT “We have always used conventional towels in this salon and it's what we're used to”

REPLY "Many regular Enki customers start off with using our towels perhaps just for colour work or as a combination when a towel is placed on the client's shoulders and another is used as the main drying towel. Using a combination still helps to reduce costs as there are less conventional towels being used - so less laundry! Very often, customers switch over to us 100% as they get used to using Enki and they realise the cost saving positives and environmental benefits"



COMMENT “Is there a special way to apply Enki Eco Towels to our clients hair”

REPLY "Yes there is. In order for an Enki Eco Towel to absorb water efficiently they need to be applied to your clients hair like a turban, please watch this instructional video for a step by step guide on how to use an Enki Eco Towel"