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Stylistics Ltd - What Did James Baldwin Say About Enki...


We have been providing hair dressing services for over 30 years and during this time i have repeatedly looked for an alternative to in house laundering. 

Usually this review took place every four years as this coincided with the failure of either the washing machine or tumble dryer.

In the past there has never been a viable alternative so you can imagine my delight when i found three possible suppliers of disposable hairdressing towels on the web.

The first supplier was affordable but although they did satisfy the need they were just a single ply sheet which lacked aesthetic appearance and in my opinion did not portay the high standards that we look for in the provision of our services. 

The second supplier was just not affordable and was disregarded from the outset.

Then i came across (Enki) and was immediatly impressed with their marketing material, product range and enthusiasm towards customer support. Enki clearly believe in their product and were confident enough to offer a free sample pack. I took advantage of their offer to have a good look at the product and test it before making any decision to purchase.

Our stylists were delighted with the results of the tests but of course i feel they may be a little biased because using Enki Towels would mean no more time spent washing, drying and folding towels. 

After this apparent successful trial it all comes down to costing and being a business man, if i can make savings and increase efficiency then its a win/win situation. 

The advantages of using disposable towels in terms of efficiency are immense and with better use of our time we shall be able to carry out more services and therefore the use of Enki disposable towels will be self-financing, everybody wins. 

I am overjoyed at realising an objective of reducing unnecessary waste in the salon, especially time!

We are delighted to move forwards with (Enki) for the long term to help the environment and of course help our efficiency and increase profitability. 


James Baldmin - Director Stylistics Ltd