The Enki Story

Company Ethos

We had a vision and created Enki Towels to achieve a goal, that goal is to help businesses move forward and at the same time help preserve our planet "Earth".

Businesses need to evolve and move into the future and with our help they can achieve this.

Our flying E logo will point businesses in the right direction. Don’t just move into the future evolve as you do so.

We all need to do just a little to help our planet, each small step taken now will lead to giant leaps in the future.


Our Mission

Enki is bringing to the global market Eco-Friendly, Bio Biodegradable, 100% Hygienic disposable towels.

We are disposable towel specialists with over 20 years experience in the towel industry from manufacturing, importing and exporting. 

Enki can supply any business large or small where customer hygiene and the conservation of the earth's natural resources are paramount.

Save your business " Time - Money - Effort" and at the same time save the planet.


"Become An Enki Convert And Start Saving Today"


Global Distribution

If you are interest in becoming a distributor of Enki products then please contact us on:

T: +44 01246 293018